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Who buys the most sex toys - we have to give this to the ladies!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Affordable quality sex toys in South Africa

A recent study of sex toy sales in South Africa indicates that more than 55 percent of women have used a vibrator or sex toy recently while around 45 percent of men reported incorporating a sex toy into sexual activities. 

Women are becoming more comfortable with introducing adult toys into their sex lives, taking charge of their own pleasure and are also much more likely to buy sex toys either for themselves or their lover.

Do you know South Africa came third globally for the highest number of Google searches for sex toys only trailing the US and the UK.

Gone are the days when you had to go down the side alley in city to buy your sex toys. E-commerce has evolved so much and we at moodTime are keeping up with the trend, we offer an amazing range of adult toys and are continually on the look out for new items to add to out range. We buy our sex toys in bulk from reputable manufacturers so our toys are always good quality at the best prices.

A year or two ago, a report on the global sex toy industry was released by the Statistic Brain Research Institute which showed that SA had the third-highest number of Google searches for sex toys in the world, and that the top five most popular sex toys bought online in South Africa were, in order, vibrators, rubber penises, lubrication, anal beads and penis rings.

Although the stats indicate women buy the most sex toys this it very close, according to our google analitics very often in is 50:50, men vs women when it comes to buying sex toys so ladies you are just a fraction ahead.

With us at moodTime shopping for sex toys is safe and private and you can do it with you partner in the comfort of your own home. Looking for something special that we don't have, no problem just send us a message and we will do our best to source if for you.

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