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Sex Toys Are Going Gender Neutral

Updated: Jan 1

Butt plugs not just for gay men, vibrators no longer just for women

Our bodies and sexual interests are very diverse and ever changing, gender is also such a limiting way to view sex toys and other intimate products. By taking gender out of the equation, you focus on what is compatible and feels good with your individual body and sexual interests, you are also more likely to find the best sex toy that suits your individual needs.

In recent years major sex toy manufacturers have begun to offer many gender neutral products as these unisex sex toys are designed to make sure everyone can play with them, making them very versatile. For many years sex toys have remained stubbornly gendered! Slowly, though, this is changing and in the process it is also changing how we think about sex, sexuality, gender and sexual pleasure.

Many customers desire less gender orientated toys, some of those customers are among the increasingly visible population of trans and no binary people. A recent study found that the estimated percentage of adults in South Africa who identify as transgender has doubled in roughly the past decade. Many of these people may feel excluded by toys that come in pink packaging with photos of women just because they are designed for vaginas.

There is also a move lately to rather label toys by function as this puts the power in buyers’ hands to make a judgment call and make their own empowered decisions regarding their body and sexuality.

A gender free adult toy allows people of all identities and anatomies to easily enjoy what it offers. Increasingly in recent years manufacturers also steer clear of flesh colored products to avoid encouraging fetishization of skin color. To meet these customer demands, sex toy manufacturers are now tailoring their colours, designs and packaging to a broader range of buyers. Many toys are now made in black, rose, green or purple which is a stark contrast to a couple of years ago where vibrators were all pink colour and male toys were all flesh colour or white. Anal toys are generally all in black or purple, but also come in a variety of other colours to suit any customers needs.

Lots of sex toys now have even been designed to work on a variety of bodies so users can stimulate multiple body parts and both partners can be pleasured by the same intimate toys. The fact that you can have one multipurpose, fully adaptable product helps shift your focus off the need for the correct toy for a specific region and allows the user to be more creative in the use of it leading to a more creative and engaged sex in general.

The gender neutral label often attracts a wider customer base, very often now toys originally made for one gender are already gender neutral. For example, a sex toys originally marketed as a woman’s G-spot massager saw an uptick in sales after promoting it as a prostate massager. It is much better to make a versatile sex toy and rather phrase everything vaguely to avoid making assumptions or dictating how a product should be used, but sometimes you also have to be very directly, “Tip, try inserting this toy directly in your butt!”.

Anyone can use these toys in the bedroom regardless of your anatomy or gender identity, and you can also use them on any partner. No matter what parts you or your partner(s) might have or the parts you like to play in your sex lives, there are plenty of toys that are versatile.

The chance to use gender neutral sex toys help everyone feel freer and enjoy more pleasure which is that main thing. Straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning we have something for everyone!

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